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The nose wire in surgical mask does not keep its shape for hours, and makes gaps between nose and mask. I found out 3.0 mm diameter aluminum wire is best for nose wire. I hope this video helps people who are exposed to risk of viruses.

1. Get 3.0 mm (or 1/8 inch) diameter aluminum wire at DIY shop. Prepare scissors, nipper, file, and stapler.
aluminum wire and tools

2. Find out the side where the nose wire is close to the surface.
Wire in Mask

3. Cut the very surface a little with scissors.
hole in mask

4. Push out the nose wire.
pushed out wire

5. Cut the aluminum wire at the same length as the original one.

6. Deburr the ends of wire with file for safety. Be careful not to touch the rough ends.
Deburring rough end and round end

7. Wash the wire and your hands to remove aluminum dusts.

8. Place the original wire on your nose, and push it to take the form of your nose.

9. Make the same shape with aluminum wire.

[Detail of bending]

Bent the center
Bend it at the center with thumbs. A little bit tough..

use forefinger
Bent it more using the roundness of forefinger.

left side
Then, left side.

right side
right side too.

10. Insert the aluminum wire into the hole you made before.
Inserting wire

Push the mask
It is better not to move wire, but push the mask.


You can watch all the procedure in video too.

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